We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook: A Collaborative Documentary By Independent Journalists

Whether or not you question the official story behind the Sandy Hook school shootings this is too important of a documentary to pass up.

I’ve posted before about the nature and reasoning behind False Flag events.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to recognize that there is an organization of highly motivated people with the sinister agenda of bringing down this country and removing the right to bear arms.

The sociopaths in the Federal Government, CIA, military, international corporations and many foreign agencies such as the Mossad (just to name a few) are working hard day and night to lock America in a cage.

Watch this video before they ban it. Chances are very good that they will.


UPDATE: I’ve already had to reload the video once because the original was removed. I guess I’ll have to check more often and re-upload new links if this keeps happening or until they ban the video altogether.

UPDATE 2: I’m reloading it a 2nd time because of youtube taking it down.

UPDATE 3: Since the video keeps getting removed from youtube I’m posting a website that seems to have the video embedded in a different format. Click the link above.