Mark Passio: Street-Wise Spirituality and Natural Law

He’s not a hero, he’s not your guru, and he’s not your buddy. With a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred approach to his presentations and radio show podcasts, Mark Passio conveys a breath taking amount of knowledge on Truth and Spirituality.

Best part is it’s laid out in such a way that’s plain and simple. As simple as learning Right from Wrong.

Passio is this week’s featured Truth Warrior. A refreshing, passionate, and in-your-face presenter of philosophy, the occult, history and ideology.

With his breadth of knowledge and insight into the human condition, Passio leads the recipient into deep chasms of hidden information brought to light with his torch of Awareness, and influenced from his foray in Satanism.

Don’t let that deter you. He speaks openly about the errors of his previously poisonous world view. He explains the 3 most powerful words anyone can say: I-WAS-WRONG. He admits that and he’s moved on. Now we can all benefit from the experience.

And make no mistake. First and foremost, he’s a champion of Freedom. Empowering the individual through the traps of mind control and cultural conditioning. He speaks to the Spirit inside all of us that knows we can do better. A lot better!

Find your sovereignty, cast off the chains that hold you enslaved. Mark Passio will get in-your-face and help show you the way.

His website is What On Earth Is Happening. There’s nothing for sale and all of his information is free. Be sure to check out his podcasts, which he recommends listening to in order from the beginning.

‘They Live’, with these sunglasses you can see so much…

On a budget of $3 million, John Carpenter nails it with this 1988 sci-fi thriller.

Just imagine there is a ‘master race’ of off world (or inter-dimensional) entities that enslave human beings through mind control. What if they had technology capable of altering the perception of the population.

Creating illusion and covering the truth. Hiding behind a holographic screen. They could easily have almost total control of key institutions: money, entertainment, religion….politics.

They Live makes the All-Time Top 10 List of movies awakening us to the MIND BENDING TRUTH of life in The Matrix. In this video, researcher and Truth warrior DAVID ICKE contemplates on the insight that John Carpenter and his movie give on the hidden secrets functioning behind the perceptions of our awareness.