Factory Farms: Harbingers Of Death

For humanity to continue to survive on this planet there is an imperative short list of actions that must be acknowledged and understood.

Toward the top of the list is a distinction in the food we eat and the way we abuse Earth’s creatures, including ourselves. The toxicity, disease and torture created in the treatment of animals that are raised for slaughter is ingested into the body of the consumer. In turn the consumer then expresses these diseases through a myriad of malignancies that diminish the quality of life and shorten the life span.

This system is in a perpetual cycle of AG industry propaganda, Big Pharma greed, biotechnological tyranny and consumer ignorance. We are at the threshold of a dietary revolution. And it can’t come too soon because Nature will not tolerate these crimes ad infinitum.

I encourage everyone with a conscience and a will to change this calamity, to share the information in Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods and Factory Farms. You might just save someone’s life or reverse their course into cancer. But in reality the whole and the health of the human race is at stake. Not to mention the planet and her beautiful creatures.