Astrology: Navigating The Sea Of Consciousness

In this first video of a 6 part Skype interview, we talk about what astrology is.

Here we discuss the ages of the Earth and the origins of America, and how that translates astrologically.

Here we discuss the birth date of the U.S.A. being March 4, 1789. And why as a result, we have the America we have today. We also discuss the Free Masonry behind the Founding Fathers and the Constitution actually co-opting true freedom.

In this clip Wesley Hallock elaborates on the astrology behind propaganda. Wesley also drops some bombs about the ‘Columbus discovering America’ myth and the seemingly perpetual financial crisis finally ending in 2018. But there is a caveat: we can expect the ‘unexpected’.

Here we discuss the Ebola psy-op, calling the bluff of the fascists, dumb Presidents, the rulers giving concession to their power, and why. Wesley also addresses the climate change hoax. He also begins to address the ‘cycles of change’ and how that can be used to gauge dramatic events.

We continue the discussion on the ‘cycles of change’ and how they can be mapped through astrology. Also, we are in the time of ‘The Great Transformation’ dictated by an underlying current of force. This force being Tesla’s ‘Zero Point Energy’ and is encoded with consciousness. We also talk about truth in the New Age movement and the Federal Reserve ‘direct deposit bailout’.