“Fuck The Banks” By The Bondi Hipsters

The Mind Bender is not without a sense of humor, especially when it is delivered with wit and rhyme:

You’re just a hologram living a holographic life

And there’s no such thing as anything you’re not even alive

Hey, lighten up and have a laugh. These guys are just helping us to remember how ridiculous this all is.

One thought on ““Fuck The Banks” By The Bondi Hipsters

  1. The largest australian banks (NAB , commonwealth, westpac, ANZ) were caught money laundering 50,000 times (CB) and 20,000,000 (NAB; yes, twenty million times! money sent to terrorists and child molesters) and yet nobody went to jail, banks did not loose their licence, they just paid a fine with shareholder funds and went on with business as usual.



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