Geo-Engineering Droughts

I took this footage in my backyard this morning. It’s important to hammer the point home over and over again for the people around us who can’t see for themselves what is happening right before their eyes.

The engineering of the drought is one obvious fact. But what is is still left up to debate is all the components of what makes up the ingredients in these aerosols. I’ve read about everything for nanotechnology to vaccines. I wouldn’t put anything past the psychopaths who have engineered this.

There are lots of answers for why someone would go through such extreme measures to create this sinister effect. Today, I will take this opportunity to analyze one: EXTORTION.

In this video, The HAARP Report makes a quite compelling case for racketeering on the stock exchange. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, there have been no significant storms. Is someone getting payed off to ‘lay-off’ the storms?

6 thoughts on “Geo-Engineering Droughts

  1. Here’s a little info about some what’s in the recent aerosols. A Chico rainwater test from October 15 revealed: aluminum 18.8 parts per billion (which is bad but much lower than usual), barium 6.4 ppb, and strontium 19.8 ppb. It is unusual for strontium to be higher than aluminum in the rain. And of course all three should be close to zero if we weren’t being subjected to almost daily aerosols. The only other time that strontium was so high was when the “brown rain” was dropped in May of 2012. So what other crap is in the mix is a very good question.

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      • Home air filters are probably able to remove the strange fibers that are in the mix, but unfortunately they are no match for nano-particles of these heavy metals. I read recently that the elite perpetrators of aerosol spraying have $50,000 air filters that are capable of removing the particulates. Pretty far out of the reach of us commoners, though.


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