Eugenics, The Over Population Myth And Illegal Immigration

When it comes to the concept of overpopulation there is a propaganda campaign by the authoritative institutions, in conjunction with a semi-covert operation known as eugenics, to create a poisoned world view that has blackened the hearts of mankind.

With this contaminated ideology in place pitting populations and echelons against one another, the global social architects would have little difficulty in executing any operations that fit the agenda for one goal: total control.

Eugenics: a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed. -Merriam-Webster

…a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of people with desired traits (positive eugenics), and reduced reproduction of people with less-desired or undesired traits (negative eugenics). -Wikipedia

Francis Galton, who in Hereditary Genius (1869) proposed that a system of arranged marriages between men of distinction and women of wealth would eventually produce a gifted race. The American Eugenics Society, founded in 1926, supported Galton’s theories. U.S. eugenicists also supported restriction on immigration from nations with “inferior” stock, such as Italy, Greece, and countries of eastern Europe, and argued for the sterilization of insane, retarded, and epileptic citizens. Sterilization laws were passed in more than half the states, and isolated instances of involuntary sterilization continued into the 1970s. The assumptions of eugenicists came under sharp criticism beginning in the 1930s and were discredited after the German Nazis used eugenics to support the extermination of Jews, blacks, and homosexuals.  -Merriam-Webster

Social Darwinism: Theory that persons, groups, and “races” are subject to the same laws of natural selection as Charles Darwin had proposed for plants and animals in nature. Social Darwinists, such as Herbert Spencer and Walter Bagehot in England and William Graham Sumner in the U.S., held that the life of humans in society was a struggle for existence ruled by “survival of the fittest,” in Spencer’s words. Wealth was said to be a sign of natural superiority, its absence a sign of unfitness. The theory was used from the late 19th century to support laissez-faire capitalism and political conservatism. Social Darwinism declined as scientific knowledge expanded.                Merriam-Webster

Let us pose the question: what level of consciousness is in the mind of an individual who thinks that some people are unworthy for life while others deserve the privilege to exist?

Would it not be more of a benefit to work in ways for raising the standard of living instead of getting rid of the ‘undesirables’? Who gets to decide what the parameters for criteria are?

It’s definitely not the voting public.

Everyone thought the Nazis invented this psychopathic process for the extermination of Jews, but the idea was born right here in the good ‘ole US of A.

This psychosis has infected the mainstream thought process and holds hostage the common individual’s world view. The seed is planted, the education system compliant as science rolls out the Trojan Horse of ‘climate change’.

But there’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE! You say? I say there is an agenda laced with lies to get you to believe that.

Overpopulation or Overcompression:

I’ve heard it before. “You don’t think there’s too many people in the world?! Look at China!”

Sure. If you put too many mice in a cage, they’ll start to eat each other.

Most cities have a crumbling infrastructure, grid lock on roadways that were meant to facilitate the population of the area decades ago; government beauracracy and police departments that make living conditions more miserable than they need to be.

There’s the orchestrated economy putting the pinch on rural communities and forcing young adults into major cities for any prayer of a modest income. Big AG, ‘Godzilla’ Biotech and government bureaucrats weave the web to ensnare whole societies into following the doctrine of Agenda 21; that’s another article in itself.

And then there’s the ‘Pandora’s Box’ issue of suppressed technologies that could change things overnight. Like getting us off of fossil fuels and the dependance on central power grids. Anyone remember Enron?

I’m posting this video for a perspective.

Josh Tolley does an excellent job of presenting the fact that in most industrialized nations, the birthrate is actually plummeting.

Here’s a great review on Jonathan V. Last’s book: What To Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster (click on the link).

I googled ‘fertility rates dropping’ and here’s a screen shot of what I found (click on the pic to enlarge).

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.20.54 PM

Tolley also mentions The Georgia Guidestones. If you’re not familiar with them, click on the link. It’s interesting to think, based on this information, that they just might have already accomplished the population reduction campaign covertly.

Now at the 19 minute mark of Tolley’s show, a man named Bill calls into the program. He raises the point about the agenda by the Federal Government to allow immigrants to come across the border illegally. The notion to replace our current population with a slightly less educated society that doesn’t know LIBERTY or FREEDOM and ultimately won’t question authority because they’re AVOIDING authority, is a good one.

Remember, they’re here illegally. Illegals bring higher crime and gang activity. Of course, gang members could just as easily be working for the CIA smuggling drugs as anything else.

It doesn’t take too much to contemplate over this and see a bigger picture appear.

Pretend you’re an immensely rich and powerful oligarch; maybe a Rothschild. You’re playing in the BIG GAME for keeps and you need places to shift blame for the problems you create. You need to keep the population dumbed down, drugged up, confused, stressed and on edge.

You would need to eliminate dissent. Isn’t that what psychopathic dictators do? Remember Pol Pot?

Doing it down the barrel of a gun doesn’t go over well with the global community. Or the people you’re doing it to, for that matter. You have to do it slow, methodically, like a whisper…soft kill. Move out one group, move in another.

Soon I’ll follow up this article and talk about how vaccines, Chem Trails, Chemicals sold as food, GMO, carnism, industrial pollution, radiation from technology and stress are all contributing factors to that plummeting birthrate. Soft kill indeed.

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