Ex-Marine And Gulf-War Veteran, Ken O’Keefe

This weeks Truth Warrior is outspoken activist Ken O’Keefe.

O’keefe is an expression of what can be achieved when the chakras are working and the brain is balanced and in alignment with the Truth.

In this world, it takes an immense amount of courage and will-power to express one’s self in the manner in which this man does.

Wikipedia quote, “He led the human shield action to Iraq and was a passenger on the MV Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid. He said that he participated during clashes on the ship including having been involved in the disarmament of two Israeli commandos.”

Some people might consider him extreme, but these are extreme times. And extreme times call for extreme measures, provided they are in alignment with the Truth and Natural Law.

This man should be an inspiration for us all.

Here is a recent lecture given by O’Keefe.

2 thoughts on “Ex-Marine And Gulf-War Veteran, Ken O’Keefe

  1. Mark Passio’s Podcast #17 at whatonearthishappening.com made a lot of sense for me about what is happening in these videos. O’Keffe really might as well be arguing with a computer screen, for there is major mind control in effect on his opposition debaters. I do commend him for trying.


  2. I know the type. Sitting in their living room, they yell at the TV news broadcaster, they take Paxil for depression, never heard of GMO or if they did…don’t care. They rant about the political party on the other side of the aisle and then jump on the band wagon to vote for the next con-man (or woman).

    There’s a lot of ‘what ifs…’ or ‘if only we could…’ associated with these types and they make up the aggregate of society.

    Not O’Keefe. He gets on camera and, with jackals nipping at his heals, tells the world the way things REALLY are. There is a need to repeat over and over the Truth to counter act the propaganda laced, lie infected rhetoric of these sycophants.

    If there were enough O’Keefes, Celentes, and AJ’s in the world, things would change rapidly overnight. The purpose of this post is to inspire anyone who feels they don’t have the courage to speak up and say what they know, maybe next time they get a chance they’ll remember Ken O’Keefe.

    And speak the Truth, no matter how scary it is.

    Thanks for your comment, and please keep them coming! Here’s the Mark Passio podcast #17 that Wesley is referring to:


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